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Energy and Individual Auditing

 Energy and Management Audit books:

Teach Yourself Practical Energy and Management Systems Auditing in a Quick Way. 
A practice manual with ready reckoner.
  • Vol.1 & 2-How to Make Money through Energy Auditing (1450 pages)
  • (Vol.1-Systems Approach & Vol.2-Sectoral Approach)
  • Vol.3-ISO Auditing Made Simple 
(560 pages - ISO Approach)
Ready reckoner:
My two earlier books on Energy Auditing were well received by consultants and industries. Inspired by the roaring success of the above books, I have revised the books. The three volumes has all that are required to write a complete practical audit report covering systems, sectorial and ISO approach. Included in the 3 books are practical questionnaires, procedures manual and audit reports. The auditors/consultants can easily follow the ready-to-use techniques in the book.

How to do auditing?
All you have to do is go round the plant, interview people, fill up the questionnaire and use the format given in the book. You can then prepare the report as per the samples given in the book. A sample report and audit manual are presented for ISO 50001 standard. The audit manual and reports may be prepared in the same way for other standards also. Be assured that by following these tips, you can truly improve the working of your organization on all fronts.

P.Balasubramanian, B.E., M.Sc. (Heat Power Engg.), F.I.E. (India), Chairman and Managing Director, Seperation Engineers Private Limited. LEAD AUDITOR: ISO 50001/14001/22301/18001, BEE Accredited Energy auditor (EA-408) and B.O.E from Tamil Nadu Government. He has done around 300 audits in India and abroad. Age: 69 years, 46 years experience in SPIC, BHEL, ARAMCO, SEPL.

How to get this book?
3 volumes of Auditing books – Vol.1, 2 & 3 (2000 pages) after 40% discount price of Rs.6000/- only. Packing and forwarding free within India.
 Transfer money to “P.BALASUBRAMANIAN”, ICICI Bank A/c.No.6022 0153 8524,
IFS ICIC0006022, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai-600004, Tamilnadu.
Ph: 9444175318/9840737555 Email:


Practical Energy Audit and Training :

Our strategy to implement ISO50001 for practical savings in Energy in all your group of Companies:
1.   The energy audit is to be done by the company staff themselves by dividing Engineers/Managers/Technicians/supervisors of the company by sector wise for a minimum of 10 areas such as Production, Maintenance, HR, Purchase, Management, Accounts, R&D,Projects,Admin,etc. Each area will have 10 persons.

2.   We shall train them on the basics of ISO 50001/BEE guidelines within a day and ask them to come out with an Energy Audit report for their companies in their areas. Without ISO 50001, the energy audit will be a farce exercise. We shall supply training manuals Vol.1, 2, 3 of my Energy audit books and Personality Development books for individual audit.

3.    We shall correct it and fine-tune it. We shall have one more advanced training session later. There will be interactive session through Skype or Face time or Video Conferencing/Webinar mode.

4.   They will be minimum saving of 1% in energy bill with out much investment plus a good working culture.

5.   The company Technicians/Engineers/Managers/Supervisors shall carry out the audit by themselves. Otherwise it will be a wasteful exercise and there will not be any acceptance by the company for implementing the ECO’s. There will be only big reports fully meeting theirs, BEE’s and Government bureaucrat’s requirements. It will be lying unused by the company but will be useful for getting E.C. award!

6.   We are not interested to take money and do a fictitious report.

7.   We shall certify your report since we will be involved in all the report preparation as per BEE’s / ISO’s requirements.

8.   We can utilize the existing datas instead of repeating it.

9.   We can train people in other ISO standards also (Environment, Safety, Business continuity, Risk management,Supply chain management, etc.since they are interconnected with ISO 50001)

10. First and foremost is we have to train your personnel and family members also in Individual audit  so that they are tuned and energised to do the job. Books will be supplied by us.By doing this unique training, the family  members will motivate the employees to do their jobs loyal to the company.

If you  are interested, you may inform us. You may visit our :
 website  for more details.

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