sabato 30 aprile 2016

1 Click + 5 Minutes = $725 ☺

Hi ,

Follow 2 simple steps and you could pocket $725 in 5 minutes.

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John Becker

sara938.bellissima , 71 to 75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, London, United Kingdom
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venerdì 29 aprile 2016

The mogul is back to his old tricks... sara938.bellissima

Hi ,

John Becker is back to his old tricks with a BRAND new software.

He wasn't satisfied with the thousands of lives his previous training and software's had changed for the better.

He wanted BIGGER success stories from normal people like you and me...

Se what he does for 3 normal individuals and he helped them make over $1,000 each in just 3 hours:

He wanted MORE people to have the power of trading Binary Options Profitably...

For the last year he's been in his cave with his team coding this amazing new piece of kit that's called "1kdailyprofits" and what they came out with is TRULY groundbreaking.

He's put together a quick video that you NEED to watch to tell you a little bit more about the software

' Watch it here.

You NEED to see what Robert has to offer if you want to stand any chance of success in Binary Options.

Christoper Lewis

sara938.bellissima , 71 to 75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, London, United Kingdom
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Second Reminder - Unpaid Invoice

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Miguel Flores
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Email Marketing Solution - Turn More Leads Into Buyers

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OMG India

Email Marketing Solution - Turn More Leads Into Buyers

Email Marketing Campaign :

OMG-INDIA is one of the Best & Leading International Email Marketing Gateway which allow user to send mail to any place or any country from their own place. OMG-INDIA fetches years of Online Marketing involvement and recognized consequences to aid our clients succeed wired. It egotisms itself on its Mission that how to Approach Customers in collaborating and humanizing our clients on best applies for online marketing.

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OMG-INDIA has the great honor of working with some of the most popular companies in the world. We've done some unique Email Marketing Campaign Templates for them. CLICK HERE to watch Email Marketing Templates that OMG-INDIA has done.

About Us

" OMG-INDIA has come along the most emerging & transparent brand which uses Internet to deliver MSG to Target Audience. "


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SMS Marketing Solution - Get Instant Response from Your Target Audience

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OMG India
 Bulk SMS Marketing & Promotion Expert in India !
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SMS Marketing Solution: 

Bulk SMS are being used for advertisement and promotions by a number of companies for their products and services. SMS marketing has become the first priority of every company either it is small or big..

As per Market Survey more than 80 percent successful organizations are using Bulk SMS because of less expensive, instant activation, no need to think about big investment and the most important reason is to get a big boom in sale..


OMG INDIA has come along the most emerging & transparent brand which uses the Internet to deliver promotional and Informational messages to Target Audience. It has changed the way of marketing by forming amazing and incredible resources for Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, individuals, Corporates & top industries. read more....

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8 Mistakes Made During Search Engine Optimization That One Needs To Avoid

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April 28th, 2016

8 Mistakes Made During Search Engine Optimization That One Needs To Avoid

Biggest SEO Mistakes

All search engine marketers are trying desperately to promote trends that are aligned with traditional digital marketing. SEO is immensely important to enhance key to improving your website’s visibility, driving more traffic and better conversion rates.

The first thing one can do as an internet marketer is to avoid making mistakes. Following “SEO Best Practices” can be difficult for online marketers. With search engines changing algorithms on a periodic basis, every SEO strategy needs to adapt and adjust with the latest techniques while giving up on age-old practices. Here are some of the prominent mistakes made by SEO experts:

Mistake #1: Not optimizing images with rest of the content

Optimizing images is sometimes not part of the SEO strategy and can be over looked. Adding target keywords to images relevant to the rest of the content helps search engines understand them. A link to the image with just numbers and alphabets in odd positions does not convey anything but some relevant words and numbers would matter. One should incorporate descriptive keywords for every image. Including relevant alt text helps search engines to find images in relevant searches and even the accessibility of the site.




Mistake #2: Keyword stuffing

Nowadays websites contain varied types of content in terms of text. One needs keywords for SEO and use of right keywords is important for getting the right audience. Optimize them carefully to gain popularity in search engines. But keyword stuffing will only ruin your website ranking since cramming a keyword multiple times makes content worthless. Only keywords do not get customers to a website. Also, Google algorithms will get the site blacklisted and also issue a bad ranking.

Relying on large amounts of mediocre content can affect sites. Using specific keywords with strategic placement and relevant content is effective. Creating insightful info about a topic can can attract attention through different channels.

Mistake #3: Not Setting Up Canonicalization

When implementing an SEO strategy, one should make sure that you do not have duplicate content on the site. If there is identical content for online access using different URLs, you need to identify the right page for visitors and implement a canonical to help search engines know that it is not a duplicate version.

Mistake #4: Disregarding Pages by Not Indexing Them

One should not forget indexing pages. Pages that are broken or missing are going to avoid search engine results altogether because pages indicating 404 error are excluded. A high number of 404s leads to an increase in bounce rate and visitors will feel cheated of any information. Search engines crawl websites and rank them and 404 pages interrupt their process. It is important not to have broken links on your site and keep the website active.

Mistake #5: No updates on site

After spending months to create an interactive and attractive website, one should try to keep it dynamic with consistent blog posts or some other content. Companies fail to optimize the site with keywords and just sit back to watch the traffic decrease. Let in some updates that will help your prospects with relevant information and they might convert to leads.

One needs to make a schedule for posting different posts related to your field on a regular basis, and consistency will get you the attention of search engines too.




Mistake #6: Neglecting social media

Neglecting social media is a crime in this day and age. Social media is no longer an optional marketing ploy but a necessity for businesses. By being conversant and relevant on popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter, one can enhance a company’s image and credibility. Sharing your content will lead the search engines and drive potential visitors to your site. Social media following can also boost brand awareness amongst loyalists.

Mistake #7: Lack of internal links

One might think that it is erroneous to link to one’s own content and even think that search engines might read into it and even blacklist the pages. Despite what you may think, internal links to website is great for SEO and helps search engines to crawl to your website. One should focus on the most important pages of any site and strategize posts to link back to those pages. One should find a real connection between pages to do the linking task.

Mistake #8: Failure to measure progress

Improving SEO is like losing weight. One needs to check and measure your progress on a consistant basis. One should know the current standing when you start, and then track the changes. With solid metrics in place, one will know that the SEO practices have been working or not. If you do not think that there has been any progress, then it is preferable to drop it.

About the Author:

Keval Padia
Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. He is a Mobile App Developer, with acute knowledge of Mobile App Design and User Experience Design.



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