giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

myBarclays Service Warning

This is an outbound account notice only. Please don't respond.

Dear myBarclays Online Customer (,

29 - January - 2015 Reference ID# P1889952

This automated email sent to the registered email address. You are receiving this e-mail as you are subscribed to the myBarclays Secure. A letter has been sent to your address.

Your Barclays has been blocked because of multiple malicious login activity. For your protection we limited access to your online account temporarily.

Notification Details
Date of Invalid Login: 29/01/2015
Country at which attempted access took place: Capetown (South Africa)

To enable your account you need to verify if these login attempts were authorized or unauthorized. Please continue to the myBarclays review by clicking the text link below. You can review the security notification and take an appropriate action.

>>> Click here to review your myBarclays Alert

If you have any questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions,
or contact us.

Thank you,
Protection Team

mercoledì 14 gennaio 2015

Apple Profile Update Address

Apple ID -

This notification is to therefore inform you that your Apple Account ( has been momentary restricted until you can confirm your Apple ID information on file. This automated security measure to safeguard your Apple Account from unauthorized usage. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

How can I validate my Apple Account and remove the suspension?
Just proceed to the highlighted URL below to validate your iCloud/Apple ID. Login in using your iCloud ID and password, then read the instructions.

>>> Certify My iCloud Account

While using Apple devices and services, you’ll still login with your primary e-mail account as your Apple login.

If you have queries and want assistance, please visit the Apple ID Support FAQ.

Apple/iCloud ID Verification

Resolution Number: #T2AMN151017-EU1310

domenica 4 gennaio 2015

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