sabato 28 novembre 2015

What If You Created Facebook?

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You Are At A Real Fork In The Road!

Can you imagine . . . what if you actually created Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg.

True story:  Opportunities are everywhere, don’t think on them too long…..
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook invited 5 people to his Harvard Dorm room just a handful of years ago to discuss a business opportunity. Only two people showed up, which is about average when inviting people to take a look at your business. Anyways, both 'got in'.

Today, those two people are billionaires:
Dustin Moskovitz.......$6,500,000,000.00 (6.5 Billion)
Eduardo Saverin.......$3,400,000,000.00 (3.4 Billion)

Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind, and a missed opportunity. 'Thinking About It' for too long can cost you a whole lot of money and time. Taking action now can earn you a whole lot. It's your choice, your's up to you to make a decision.
............just a thought.

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That's right. Just watch. Less than 3 minutes of your time! Then you deceide.

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venerdì 27 novembre 2015

Buy SEMrush Pro and SEMrush Pro Guru Account

I am offering SEMrush Guru Pro Account  or  SEMrush Guru Account for one month .SEMrush Guru Account is far better than SEMrush Pro Account.
SEMrush is a ?ompetitive Research and Business Intelligence Software. You can do competitor analysis and you can check keyword rank of sites in search engines.
With the help of  SEMrush you can find most profitable keywords. SEMrush is the most popular keyword research tool. It is useful for SEO and SEM both professionals.
Some of the main features are below :-
1-You can find right keywords for SEO and PPC campaign.
2-You can observe rankings of website.
3-You can bid and ad strategy of your competitors.
5-You can find new publishers.
6-You can do deep backlink analysis.
7-You can check your website health
Apart from these SEMrush has many amazing features. You can buy SEMrush Guru Account at 10$  for one month.
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giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Liga Europa Lazio vs Dnipro 27 November 2015

Prediksi Lazio Vs Dnipro

Prediksi Lazio Vs Dnipro, Prediksi Skor Lazio Vs Dnipro, Prediksi Lazio Vs Dnipro 27 November 2015, Bursa Taruhan Bola Lazio Vs Dnipro, Pasaran Bola Lazio Vs Dnipro Prediksi Bola Lazio Vs Dnipro. Pertandingan antara Lazio Vs Dnipro 27 November 2015 akan berlangsung pada pukul 01:00 WIB

Prediksi untuk pertandingan kali ini dalam ajang UEFA Europa League yang akan mempertemukan club Lazio berhadapan dengan Dnipro. Dan pertandingan kali ini akan berlangsung di stadion olimpico, roma pada tanggal 27 november 2015, pukul 01:00 WIB. Kami dari pihak 99onlinebola akan memberikan pembahasan statistic dari kedua club ini.

Lazio pada kesempatan kali ini akan menjadi team tuan rumah. Yang akan menjamu club dnipro di stadium olimpico. Sekarang ini club Lazio berada di posisi ke 8 klasemen sementara liga italia serie A, dengan berhasil mengumpulkan 19 point dari 13 pertandingan yang sudah di jalaninya. Bila kita lihat dari catatan 5 pertandingan terakhir yang sudah di jalaninnya club Lazio berhasil memperoleh 1 kali kemenangan 1 kali bermain imbang dan 3 kali kekalahan. Di pertandingan tarakhirnya club Lazio harus kalah saat bertandang ke markas club atalanta dengan score akhir 2-1.

Nex :

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

Metal Facade Mesh For Building Exteriors & Interiors


Dear Sir/Madam,
We at ASIAN STRECK METALS have been engaged in manufacturing of  SUNSCREEN AND FACDE DECORATIVE EXPANDED METAL MESH for the past 50 years.
Not only Versatile and attractive but also extremely Cost Effective is what makes these Decorative Meshes very popular among Architects, Interior Designers & Building Material Manufacturing Consultants.
Our Wide range of Dies and our ability to make new die designs as per Customer Specific Requirement makes us one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing and supplying these Meshes.
Do let us know your preferences so that we can assist you technically as well as commercially for your requirements of these Meshes. Extensive details are available on our website

Download Full brochure Click Here

Best Regards,
Sidharth Saraf l Phones - Cell - +919822695359 l Works - 0712-2640542 l Office - 0712-2440350, 3254477 l Fax - 0712-6616066
Works Address - Asian Streck Metals, 35-36, Uppalwadi Industrial Estate, Kamptee Road, Nagpur - 440026
Website : 
Like us on
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domenica 22 novembre 2015

Prediksi Real Betis vs Atletico Madridd 23 November 2015

Prediksi Real Betis vs Atletico Madridd 23 November 2015, Prediksi Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid, Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid, Prediksi Skor Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid, Pertandingan antara Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid dalam ajang pertandingan Primera Division yang akan berlangsung di Estadio Benito Villamarín (Sevilla), pada tanggal 23 November 2015 pukul 02.30 WIB.

Prediksi Real Betis vs ATM, Kedua team dalam ajang pertandingan La Liga Spanyol Primera División / Friendly Cup / Spanyol Cup. Atletico Madrid telah mencatat 4 kali kemenangan, dan 1 kali bermain imbang atas Real Betis. Pada pertemuan terakhir kedua team dalam ajang Pertandingan Persahabatan 16-08-15 lalu Atletico Madrid telah membungkam Real Betis dengan skor 3-0. Di pertandingan kali ini kedua team bertemu dalam Laga Lanjutan La Liga Spanyol Primera División 2015/2016 musim ini.

Real Betis sebagai tuan rumah pastinya tidak akan memberikan peluang bagi lawannya Atletico Madrid untuk mencuri hasil kemenangan dari kandang mereka. Real Betis terlihat sudah mempersiapkan pemain terbaiknya dan sudah mengatur strategi serangan untuk melumpuhkan lawannya Atletico Madrid. Real Betis kelihatannya harus segera memperbaiki pola permainannya.

Atletico Madrid yang bertindak sebagai tim tamu jelas tidak akan rela jika pulang dengan tangan hampa, Atletico Madrid pastinya akan mengeluarkan segala kekuatan untuk meraih kemenangan atas tuan rumah Real Betis. Atletico Madrid sendiri dilima pertandingan terakhirnya berhasil mencatatkan tiga kemenangan dan dua kali ditahan imbang.
Prediksi Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid

Head to head Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid :
16 08 15 [CLF] Atletico Madrid 3 – 0 Real Betis
23 03 14 [PRD] Real Betis 0 – 2 Atletico Madrid
28 10 13 [PRD] Atletico Madrid 5 – 0 Real Betis
04 02 13 [PRD] Atletico Madrid 1 – 0 Real Betis
25 01 13 [CDR] Real Betis 1 – 1 Atletico Madrid

Hasil lima pertandingan Real Betis :
04 10 15 [PRD] Rayo Vallecano 0 – 2 Real Betis
18 10 15 [PRD] Real Betis 1 – 3 Espanyol
24 10 15 [PRD] Granada 1 – 1 Real Betis
02 11 15 [PRD] Real Betis 1 – 3 Athletic Club
08 11 15 [PRD] Málaga 0 – 1 Real Betis

Hasil lima pertandingan Atletico Madrid :
22 10 15 [UCL] Atletico Madrid 4 – 0 Astana
26 10 15 [PRD] Atletico Madrid 2 – 1 Valencia
31 10 15 [PRD] Deportivo La Coruna 1 – 1 Atletico Madrid
03 11 15 [UCL] Astana 0 – 0 Atletico Madrid
09 11 15 [PRD] Atletico Madrid 1 – 0 Sporting Gijón

Susunan Pemain Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid :

    Real Betis : Alberto Adan; Cristiano Piccini, German Pezzella, Bruno Gonzalez, Francisco Molinero; Alvaro Cejudo, Xavi Torres, Alfred Ndiaye, Juan Vargas; Dani Ceballos, Riben Castro.
    Atletico Madrid : Oblak, Juanfran, Filipe Luis, Godín, Gimenez, Tiago, Gabi, Koke, Óliver Torres, Martínez, Griezmann.

Bursa Taruhan Pasaran Bola

Handicap : Real Betis 3/4 – 0 Atletico Madrid
Over/under : 2 1/4
Prediksi Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid : 1 – 2

venerdì 20 novembre 2015

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giovedì 12 novembre 2015

Free Stock Market Workshop In Andheri/Thane This Sunday

pathfinders trainings.png

Welcome to Pathfinders Trainings.

To attend pathfinders free training in Andheri and Thane this Sunday, by Mr. Yogeshwar (M.Tech. IIT), 
call +91 90223 30018 or register free by clicking the link below:

You will learn how to

1. Create daily money by intraday trading
2. Catch market moves by swing trading
3. Build long term wealth by portfolio management
4. Trade stocks,futures,options,commodity & forex

Most big traders in the world are unanimous in their view that, if properly trained, stock market trading is one of the most rewarding professions and can be practiced by everybody by learning fundamental analysis, technical analysis, money management and risk management. Pathfinders has trained thousands of students in the last 10 years to trade and invest in the markets.

Pathfinders Team
Contact: +91 90223 30018
Thane(West), Mumbai-400610, India 

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venerdì 6 novembre 2015

The Insider Secrets To Profitable Trading Revealed



As someone interested in stock trading for profit, this message will be of great importance to you. 

There are courses available to “teach you successful trading” but simply deliver basic information, leaving out the real meat of what’s needed to be truly successful. 

Pathfinders Trainings is a stock market training company and we teach students how to trade in Stock, Stock Futures, Index Futures, Commodities, Options, and Forex. 

However, the similarities between us and any other investment training company end right there. 

Our trading coach and mentor Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha -  M.Tech. (IIT), ICM (Peru), PTC (OTA) has successfully trained thousands of people in the last eight years. We train our students right from basic level to advance level. They themselves become capable of taking rational decision and can trade without any dependencies. We also teach them to build their crore rupee portfolio. 

Sir Yogeshwar Vashishtha has a very unique and effective way of teaching. He does what no other investors have ever done. He takes live trade with real money and all his trading logs and screenshots are maintained for records. Each day we also update the best student trade on our website.

 Click here for Students best trade of the day

This unique type of training with live trading and real money in the live market during the training session, makes the student much more confident. Then we couple that with a daily mentoring programme during live market as well as after. Once you become a student at Pathfinders, you will receive trading support from us for the rest of your life. 

Through this training, you have the rare opportunity to learn to be highly successful, very profitable, and totally self-sufficient – becoming your own expert on trading.  The training is all encompassing and we progress each student from the basic level to the advanced level. This way you become capable of taking rational decision and can trade without depending on someone else for advice. Also included in your training is how to build a crore rupee portfolio. 

If you are truly interested in learning how to trade for profit this six-month training program is for you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that enter the stock market without any knowledge and quickly lose most of their capital. Sometimes they even incur huge losses. Others have some success but are dependent on ‘the gurus’ to make money for them with their stock tip service, financial agent/advisors and so forth. 

Ready to learn more? contact me via phone at: +91-9022330018 

I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and we can discuss how Pathfinders trainings can benefit you. 

I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

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