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Corporate Gift Special_Offers..

Candy Corner
Candy Corner
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Ph: +91-11-655014, +91-7210077137

    Corporate Gifts : In a world where the first impression is everything,we help you make a memorable and lsting impression.We creat specially customized boxes and chocolates adhering to internatonal standards. Be even more reative by presonalizing the gifts for your clints.

    Festival_&_Celebrations Gifts : Wheb we think of the_festival,all we need is an artistic made-to-order chocolate of international standrard,which is perfectly picked and suitble for all events,accasions and celebrations like Diwali,Holi,cheistmas,New Year,lohri,etc.

    Wedding Invitation & Gifts : Wedding is a sacred cermony that marks the begining of your journeyas life partners.Thank each and every_guest with our personalized printed chocolates bering thier name and let your guest_know how much they mean to you.

    Special_Occassion's Gifts : "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then dosen't_hurt." - Charles M.Schulz

    The latest treand in the city,saying it with printed chocolates that melts away all conflict-the perfect way to express your emotions.

corporate Office: D-, 2nd Floor, Sector-1, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075 |
Ph: +91-11-655014, +91-7210077137
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